Archipelago Correspondence
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In Abbreviations you will find a number of business abbreviations and their Dutch translations, the abbreviations of the American States as used for zip codes with letters, and a number of abbreviations related to addresses and buildings.

The folder Assignments contains digital versions of all the assignments from the book with model answers. These are only suggested answers: there is no one set way of doing the assignments. The material in this folder may, however, help you evaluate your own efforts.

Building blocks for special purposes provides some set phrases, vocabulary and idioms to help you with your correspondence. They are grouped together thematically, subdivided into five types of letters: informative letters, good news letters, bad news letters, goodwill letters and requests. It is the ready-to-use digital version of the printed text in the book.

The website also has Checklists and models on it: one checklist for letters and layout, and one for style and tone. This folder also contains models of letters in American or British layout.

The Sample letters are related to the material in Chapter 3 of the book. They are realistic models of letters for business purposes and may be helpful in making your own first attempts at formal letter-writing.

In Vocabulary you will find words and short phrases for general and business letters, ordered thematically. The same vocabulary has also been included as a Dutch-English version.

Finally, in Miscellaneous, you will find a text on communication in general and five texts about cultural differences you should be aware of when 'doing business across the border'.

We hope you will enjoy working with Archipelago.

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